Hiking enthusiasts will not want to pass up a chance to hike along
Canada’s oldest and longest hiking trail, the Bruce Trail. Running
along the Niagara Escarpment the Bruce Trail runs the entire length
of the Escarpment, some, 782 kilometers spanning from Niagara to
Tobermory. The trail begins in Queenston in the Queenston Heights
Park at the eastern cairn at the edge of the park, and passes through
numerous towns and parks along the way to its
northern terminus in Tobermory. The Bruce Trail allows you to
admire nature’s wonders at every turn, and is the perfect way to see
the natural beauty of the area.

There are some basic steps to becoming limitless:

1.        Self examination
2.        Determining happiness goals
3.        Establishing what stops you from reaching goals.
4.        Communicating with family and friends.
5.        Recognizing pit falls that slow you down.
6.        Challenging rules
7.        Reality check.  

Answer yes or no to the following;                                                        

1.     I have a great life with a great family, good friends and a good job, but I find
myself asking if there is more.

2.     Based on my job and responsibilities outside of work, I cannot find the time
to do anything else.

3.     I have met the majority of goals I have set for myself and wonder, what am I
supposed to do now.

4.     After working all day my energy level is all gone and I cannot make time
to do something with my partner or kids.

5.     I have a nice house, car and toys but I am still not happy the majority of the time.

6.     When faced with something that is new or challenging, I find reasons so
that I cannot participate.

7.     Communications with my partner and/or children is difficult at times and I am
not sure what they want or what they are doing.

8.     I find myself complaining about the things that I don’t have and wishing for
things that are out of my reach.

9.     If I cannot have what I want, I will find a compromise or settle for something else.

10.   Most everything in my life is terrible and I am just going from day to day
trying to survive.

If you answered YES to any or all of
these questions, the LIMITLESS


Rules represent someone trying to impose a set values or course of action on an individual.  They
should be a guideline rather than a requirement.  Individuals working toward a limitless life style
should challenge and review every rule they experience.  Some you may choose to keep while
others you will discard.  

Look at some examples;

Rule - People over 50 should be more careful and stop playing sports that could hurt them???

Answer - People don't get old, they simply stop doing the things that make them feel young".  
Nobody has the right to impose restrictions on you because of your age.  If you want to do
something, just try it. Play, laugh, joke, dream, dance, etc. Stop being so serious and have some

Has this ever happened?   I waved to my friend yesterday, but she did not see me.  Her head
was down texting and she did not even know I was there.  Her world had disappeared onto her
phone.  Months ago, my buddy and I stopped at Tim Horton’s for a coffee.  At one point I
looked around and we were the only two people in Tim Hortons actually talking.  Everyone else
was texting or on their phone.  I noticed that even two people and/or couples having coffee
were texting.  I said, wonder if they were texting each other across the table.  This led me to
watch for the next month to notice who was talking vs texting.  


Communication is based on speaking and listening.  The aspect of listening is a key to your
success.  Think about having a 10 minute rule.  When someone is talking to you, give them the
courtesy of listening for 5 to 10 minutes.  At that point, think and respond to them.  This shows
that you respect their opinion or thought.  You can then truly hear what they have to say and
respond with your thoughts or questions to clarify what they have stated.  This is a learning
process for you, your family and friends.  

Discussion between two people should be frank.  Do not judge or assume you know what is
being communicated.  If you can do this, you can gain an understanding of what the other
person thinks.  Opening yourself up to another person’s views may help you see something
that you did not realize when you set your goals or an aspect of your personality that you may
have ignored.   This process can also remove the anger aspect to a discussion.  We may not
always like what a person is saying but part of this challenge is to listen and learn.  Try not to
react with anger.