By Lance Pritchard


Is life over at 50 or just beginning.  

Happiness is found in the pursuit of your dreams and passions. A
limitless mindset ensures that you have no restrictions on how big your
dreams are and that under no circumstances do you ever stop dreaming.
If you adopt a limitless mindset you have discovered that the constant
pursuit of dreams and discovery of new dreams unleashes a powerful,
everlasting happiness that exists dormant within all of us.  This is the
concept of being limitless.  

My challenge to the over 50’s who are out there is to re-discover
yourself.   There is no limit to what you can do with your life.  

There are some basic steps to becoming limitless:

1.        Self examination and confirming what you have today.
2.        Determining what you still want or what makes you happy.
3.        Establishing what stops you from reaching goals.
4.        Communicating with family and friends.
5.        Recognizing pit falls that slow you down.
6.        Challenging rules
7.        Reality check.  (This one is ongoing.)

This is a difficult process to complete.  In essence, we challenged
everything about our lives.  It is a process that requires total honesty with
yourself and others.  Some of the aspects of our lives are deeply rooted
and require deep and honest thought to sort out.    You have to ask
yourself what actually makes you happy.  This is a hard question and is
usually restricted by what your family or friends think.  Now that your kids
have started to move on, it is time to look at yourself.  

You have to figure out;

•        what makes you happy,  
•        what are you interested in,
•        what you want to do with your life,  
•        what are you going to do with your free time?

This is the time in your life when you should be able to focus on what
you want.  There's no guarantee that your actions will be effective.  Yet
you can be certain that it will be better than taking no action at all.

The world if full of rules and laws.  In most cases you cannot change
laws and usually have to follow them.  Rules are imposed by family,
friends and society.  Rules CAN BE CHALLENGED.  Rules represent
someone trying to impose a set values or course of action on an
individual.  They should be a guideline rather than a requirement.  
Individuals working toward a limitless life style should challenge and
review every rule they experience.  Some you may choose to keep while
others you will discard.  

Play, laugh, joke, dream, dance, etc. Stop being so serious and have
some fun.   We do not stop playing because we grow old, we grow old
because we stop playing.   Explore your relationship with your kids since
they are now adults.  Building a new relationship with them can be
amazing.  Showing them you are active can open up all sorts of


How you communicate is so important.  In order to develop or attain a
limitless life style, you need to communicate with family and friends.  
That communication must be honest in order to build trust.   Trust
creates a bond between friends and family.  


Remember good friends inspire you enhance your life.   I think friendship
should be easy. It should not be hard to be yourself and have someone
enjoy your company.  A friend is open to new ideas and provides some
of their own.   They are someone who supports you because they have
to, but because they want to. A friend enjoys the things you do with them
instead of for them.  They are someone who listens instead of waiting to
talk.  A friend is someone who understands you to a level where words
need not be exchanged.


Limitless people seek others who have a positive energy in which they
can exchange. The two people feed off of each other (use each other)
taking and giving positive energy when needed. As long as the energy is
exchanged (give and take) the two people may use each other
continuously, while never depleting each others source of positive
energy. By continuously exchanging positive energy neither person
needs to be concerned with taking advantage of the other for selfish


There are doers and talkers.  The doer thinks of an action and makes it
happen.  A talker thinks of great ideas and then makes up reasons why
they cannot do it or it cannot be done.  Be a Doer.                

There is so much to do in southern Ontario.  One of the best examples I can offer is to explore and experience the
Niagara Escarpment.  It runs from Niagara Falls to Tobermory.   There are many exciting things to see and do.  
Planning to start at one end or randomly discover the escarpment is an adventure I recommend.  

Many activities are free or extremely inexpensive.  I have not discovered everything the escarpment has to offer.  It
may take me years to see it all.  There is great hiking, camping, rock climbing, bouldering and swimming.  I am very
fond of Webster Falls and Lions Head in Wairton.  Whether you are on your own or with friends, you are going to meet