The limitless lifestyle website is designed to teach,
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them improve their life.  It is a self help website.  The
website is non-profit and the goal is to find ways of getting
my message out to people.  

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During the last few years, I have been on a quest to improve my life.  People would have
looked at my life four years ago and would likely Have said that there was nothing wrong with
it.   I had a good job, house, car, friends and family.   The problem was that I had achieved
every goal that I had set for myself.  Suddenly I had no direction or goals.
I had lost my
passion for life, and was just not happy about anything.
 I was not only complaisant with
my life but had developed all sorts of fears and restrictions on my activities.  My priorities
were looking after family and friends instead of myself.  I could come up with so many
reasons to say no to an activity or an opportunity to meet new people.  
I realized that in
many cases, my choice had been to take the safe road
.  Whether this was to protect
what I had achieved or driven by fear of failing, I did not know at the time.  What I knew was
that my current course of action was not making me happy.   

I started comparing notes with friends to find out who else was searching for something
more.  I needed to know if they had life plans and dreams.   The discovery was that we  all
question what we have achieved at some point in our lives.  Just like me, I found that others
had lost direction and were just living in “auto pilot’ on a daily basis.   It appeared that many
of our goals had been accepted based on what society or our family had promoted.   Many of
us were purchasing our ticket to happiness through the acquisition of things.  After all, how
could you not be happy with a big house, fancy car and toys or trips.   

Then something interesting happened.  Some of the people I knew were still working away as
some of their goals.  When they spoke about achieving these goals, they beamed with pride.  
These same people pointed out that a person should aim big and always have goals they
want to reach.  When they asked me to come up with some new goals, I had no idea how to
respond.  Somehow, I had only planned goals up to a certain point.   The goals I had set 20
years ago, were supposed to fill my lifetime.  As time passed, I settled for what I had and
made no further plans to change anything.  Setting new goals was lost while I was pursuing
and protecting my existing goals.  I had also been sold and readily accepted goals promoted
by others.  

I did not know even where to begin or how to establish a new set of goals.  My challenge was
to figure out; what I wanted, what would make me happy and how to reach a new set of
Being a logical person, I needed a process.  I had to find a systematic
approach to determining what I wanted and some method to help formulate my
wants into goals.   

Having fallen into the trap of limited goals, a new approach was needed.  I had to ask myself
why there would be limits or restrictions on goals or even the number of goals people set for
themselves.  A close friend told me that everyone should “go big or stay home” stuck in my
head.  I knew that this concept had to be applied to setting new goals.  This is how the steps
to becoming limitless were established.  As I went through each step, I documented how and
why certain actions were taken.  It is an ongoing process that has to be checked and
maintained.  Becoming “limitless” is not a quick or easy process.  It requires taking a hard
look at yourself, family and friends.  
Each of the steps must be completed and repeated
when necessary.  The process never stops.

The good news is that I did make changes to my life.
 I now have a limitless number of
goals and a method of achieving those goals.  I have interesting adventures and meet
incredible people that share my passion for life.  My cup is no longer half empty.  Instead, it is
half full.  Each day presents opportunities to meet new people or participate in some type of

The message is to wake up and start living instead of being a bystander.   
Searching, setting goals and working toward happiness every day works.  Being
limitless and having the mindset to go after your goals and dreams, does result in a
happier life.  

February 2013 - What We Do

The information provided in the website will establish tips and guidance on how
you can achieve the limitless lifestyle mindset

By sharing your dreams with others you not only strengthen and support your core
beliefs, but you also perpetuate the power of infinite possibilities through
revealing their existence.  In simple terms, by sharing your dreams you create a
cycle of reinforcement between you and others that will not allow you to forget
what you want to achieve.

This is the time in your life when you should be able to focus on what you want.  
There's no guarantee that your actions will be effective.  Yet you can be certain
that it will be better than taking no action at all.  

If you stay at home and make no attempts to try something new, nothing will
change.  It is important to get out in the world with family and friends to experience

March 2013 - Communicating with family and friends.

Every aspect of our lives can be improved through good communication.  To
achieve the limitless life style, communication is essential to identify your
goals and to let people know what you are doing.  The key is to learn how to
communicate properly.  

When changing your life, people have to understand why you are taking
action.  Failing to communicate during this process leaves friends and family
confused.  Without an explanation they can be threatened by the change(s)
they see.   The first reaction from your friends and family will be to blame
themselves on some level for your need to change.  There is a need to
explain that this process is about you, not a reflection of your dissatisfaction
with them.
Communication is based on speaking and listening.  The aspect of listening
is a key to your success.  Think about having a 10 minute rule.  When
someone is talking to you, give them the courtesy of listening for 5 to 10
minutes.  At that point, think and respond to them.  This shows that you
respect their opinion or thought.  You can then truly hear what they have to
say and respond with your thoughts or questions to clarify what they have
stated.  This is a learning process for you, your family and friends.

Discussion between two people should be frank.  Do not judge or assume
you know what is being communicated.  If you can do this, you can gain an
understanding of what the other person thinks.  
2013 - 2014

I have discovered that men and women over 50 have notions about people between the
ages of 20 and 30.  I have heard, comments such as;  what do they know, they have no
experience, why should I listen to them, they don't know anything, their life is so easy,
they don't have problems.  

Now having said that, some 20 - 30 year olds, want nothing to do with people over 50.  
They tell me that they act old, they have too many opinions and don't listen to anything
they don't want to hear.  

There are far too many people who are discriminating against people they THINK are too
old or too young.  Anyone who thinks this way is missing great opportunities to enjoy
activities, conversation and friendships/relationships with someone who is in a different
age group.  I am writing this to recommend that readers stop the preconceived notions .  
You do not know what any person can offer unless you take the time to get to know
them.  I have found that regardless of age, so many people have great ideas and want to
share all kinds of activities and experiences.    The other important fact that many young
adults are looking for is a MENTOR.  I was surprised to find out how many younger adults
feel that they have nobody in their corner.  Alot of them are looking for someone to
believe in them.