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While it is wonderful to work on your goals and objectives we should not overlook the needs of others. In particular the needs of those who may need emotional or physical support. I have observed a disturbing trend that there are a number of people who ignore those less fortunate or those in need of assistance. I am not talking about giving money to people on the street. I understand that is it hard to determine who needs money , so that one is a personal choice. I am however, concerned at the number of people who can pass someone in a cast, having trouble walking, cannot cross the road, getting up off the ground or a chair or cannot reach something in a store. The kind act of helping people in this situation does not cost anything but may mean a lot to the person you are helping. Last week in the grocery store, I passed a man trying to get up from the bench. I stopped, asked him if he needed a hand to get up. He said, “oh yes thank you.” I did not do this for a reward or to get something from him. I believe that these small simple acts help you with your goals and objectives and confirm your core values.

A guote – “Great acts are made up of small deeds.” “Goodness is the only investment that never fails.” “As we serve others we are working on ourselves; every act, every word, every gesture of genuine compassion naturally nourishes our own hearts as well.



I strongly believe that every choice you make affects your life.  There have been many heated discussions regarding fate vs choice.  While fate can play a part in your life and does exist, I insist that choice is a major factor on how your life turns out. 

One discussion related to a son stating that he could not help the way he was acting, because his father was the same way.  He firmly felt that the genetics passed from his father to him, dictated how he would act in relationships. 

In this type of case, a child observes their parents actions and models their behavior based on what they see.  Daily responses and actions become the norm.  Since we have no other comparison or example, the fathers personality traits can easily be passed on to a son or daughter. 

The argument that I present is the fact that you still have a choice.  At some point in your life you have the maturity to make an intelligent decision.   I could have become my father or make the choice to be different. 

The limitless process of challenging everything in your life, makes you think.   You have been hard wired to make some choices without thinking about them.  This is not your fault.  Since an early age, you observed certain behavior that you copied.  As the normal example of how to act, you accepted it without question.  At this stage in your life, you can use logic to evaluate your automatic actions/reactions.  Once examined, you can choose to keep or discard them.  If you are aware of an automatic response that is not improving your life and may in fact be causing problems, you can change it. 

Take a simple case of reacting to someone making a comment that is designed to make you feel bad about yourself.  You have a choice to accept what is being said or reject it because in your heart you know it is not true.  In this case, people will make negative comments about you or your life.  That is a reality.  If you accept those comments without question, your self esteem may wither away.

You have to consider that people make comment about others for a variety of reasons.  It may be to make themselves feel better about their own life.  The comment may be made simply because they are in a bad mood at that moment.  The point is that you have the choice of accepting or rejecting what other say.  It is important to learn about yourself.  Something to remember is that you need enjoy your own company.  Liking yourself and enjoying your own company gives you freedom and strength.

Strength comes from knowing yourself and your core beliefs.  When you know yourself, comments from others can be received with a reasonable perspective. 

Consider that you have been working for a year to get in shape when someone comments that you look fat.   Based on the mental work you have completed, the effect of such a comment is minimal.  You like yourself and the way you look.  They may have any number of reasons for their comment.  You have the choice to consider or discard it.  The effect of that comment is therefore minimal rather than devastating. 

Everyone is looking for a method to improve their life and find the key to a happy existence. 

The limitless lifestyle is designed to examine your life, make changes and work toward establishing your personal happiness.  This is done by setting goals and working toward the achievement of each of those goals.  Whether these are small or big goals does not matter.  

Consider a person who complains about their relationship with their wife, husband or partner.   They are constantly telling others that they fight all the time, do not go anywhere together and they just do not feel the same way as when they met.  Complaining to others does not solve or change the situation.  There has to be some type of action between two people in a relationship.  Unless you do something different, nothing will change.   This is also the point where your core beliefs come into play.  In this example, consider that the person complaining about their relationship has been raised with the belief that women are weak and cannot be expected to participate in a man’s world. 

There is no thought process in this statement.  It is likely a core value that has been passed on by family or experience.  This creates an excuse for their complaint and will justify why nothing can change.   Without challenging this established value, there is no hope for change. 

When we were children, adults often asked us what we wanted to be or do when we grew up.  We may have responded with; fireman, doctor, dancer or race care driver.  Looking at your life now, you work five to six days a week, clean your house, take care of kids or pets, go shopping and watch television.  In the back of your mind or late at night, you dream of the passion you had as a child. 

At 20, 30 or 40 years of age, what is stopping you from being a skydiver, dancer or race car driver?  Whether you take it up as a sport or exercise activity, it does not matter.  If you want to be a dancer, then take lessons.  Once you have done that, join a local theatre group or dance group.   If you want to race cars or be in a demolition derby, make it happen.  There are steps to take that will help you reach the goal.  Take a new approach, work toward what you want by taking one step at a time.  Make time for yourself and plan on reaching that goal you set as a child.  Following specific steps will help an individual reach their potential.  You do not have to reach your ultimate goal right away.  You can take steps toward that goal and feel so much better about everything.


Very good article that confirms the power you have if you stay positive.

Men Have a Harder Time With Aging Than People Thought.


Frail, powerless, alone. Mention any of these words to an average guy — particularly a man in a certain age range — and you might see him shudder. It’s fair to assume that few people — male or female — look forward to getting older, but men in particular are finding it difficult to deal with. In fact, it’s the very ideals of masculinity that make aging difficult for many men.

Hiking in Arizona at my age.

“Manly” stereotypes can lead to lonely and difficult years for men as they age.  According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, these masculine ideals are creating distinct challenges for men as life expectancy increases and gender roles continue to evolve in society. Trying to hold on too dearly to “manly” stereotypes can lead to painful, lonely, and difficult years for men as they age. In response, many in the research, medical, and psychology fields are seeking new ways to help men grow old healthfully and change their ideas of what it means to be a man in their twilight years.

Research on men and aging looks at the concept of “masculine norms,” of which there are 11 typically cited. As the WSJ article highlights, these are some of the key aspects of masculinity that men tend to want to hold on to as they age — notably, physical strength, self-reliance, taking risks, and emotional control. And while the WSJ article explored these concepts among experts and subjects in their later years, these fears and anxieties about aging can pop up long before retirement is even on the horizon.

Ultimately, it comes down to a feeling of a loss of control,” Laura Hsu, an assistant professor at Merrimack College whose research explores the psychological process of aging and how it can affect physical and mental health. “The norms of masculinity have an undercurrent of being in control and having some element of power, including a feeling of power and control over their own decisions, physical fitness, and ability to generate an income. When one’s body or social position can no longer reinforce those feelings, increasing feelings of helplessness can ultimately take a toll on one’s mental and physical health.”

Yahoo explored this topic with a few middle-aged men to see how deeply these concerns resonated. “It’s the ongoing ‘breakdown’ of my body that I notice and dread,” explains Robert Haynes-Paterson, a 51-year-old writer based in New York City. “I’m healthy so far: no prescription meds, no heart trouble, etc. But I notice how much things have changed in the past couple of years — hair thinning, strength diminishing, muscles randomly pulling for no major reason.”    “The physical stuff — that’s what worries me a great deal,” chimes in Greg Simms Jr., a writer based in Ohio. “For years — from age 38 and back — I thought I was invincible. Now, at the age of 43, I realize, starkly, that I’m mortal.”   For Bart Irace, 45, a project manager who lives in Brooklyn, the importance of work in a man’s life is top of mind. “A change to active working life concerns me the most at the moment,” says Irace. “With the exception of senior executives, age is not typically seen as an asset, and aging workers are eased, or in some cases forced, out of their positions. I hope that I’m about 10 years away from advanced age making me a target for job loss, but in the meantime I’m trying to prepare for the possibility by thinking of occupations and/or skills that are more immune to this pattern.”

When queried on what they’re doing to combat their aging woes, most of the men we spoke to confessed that it takes a great deal of focus and thinking about consequences. Says Simms, “Since I can’t drink my misery away, I’m being more healthy all around. I’m eating clean meals, trying my best to stay away from fast food. I’m also working out at a gym, and walking outside when I can. My aim isn’t to look sexy for the summer … I’m working out so I don’t drop dead.”

So despite the very real physical effects of getting older, it appears that mental fortitude may be the ultimate defense for men (and women) against the frailties of getting older. Something that men, no matter where they fall on the spectrum of masculinity, should be able to get their heads around. Fear is, after all, merely a state of mind.


Put a spark back in your life and become the better you.

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Mindfulness is a type of meditation in which you focus on being intensely aware of what you’re sensing and feeling in the moment, without interpretation or judgment. Practicing mindfulness involves breathing methods, guided imagery, and other practices to relax the body and mind and help reduce stress.

Spending too much time planning, problem-solving, daydreaming, or thinking negative or random thoughts can be draining. It can also make you more likely to experience stress, anxiety and symptoms of depression. Practicing mindfulness exercises can help you direct your attention away from this kind of thinking and engage with the world around you.

Mindfulness is the cognitive skill of sustaining meta-awareness on the contents of one’s own mind (e.g. sensations, perceptions, emotions, thoughts etc.) in the present-moment without conceptual reification.  The practice of mindfulness meditation refers to the recurrent training of one’s attention to reorient whenever it acquiesces to its opposite, absent-mindedness. Mindfulness derives from sati, a significant element of Hindu and Buddhist traditions, and is based on ZenVipassanā, and Tibetan meditation techniques. Though definitions and techniques of mindfulness are wide-ranging,] Buddhist traditions describe what constitutes mindfulness such as how past, present and future moments arise and cease as momentary sense impressions and mental phenomena.



Changing your life and making it better is not just a New Years Resolution. The limitless lifestyle website is designed to teach, motivate and help individuals establish goals that will help them improve their life. Follow the steps of the program and watch things improve.

Your age, status, or wealth does not define who you are or what you can and cannot do. There are no limits to what you can accomplish if you want to make changes in your life. Aim for something big and work toward it every day.


by LANCE PRITCHARD (Author)  Format: Kindle Edition


What stops you from reaching your goals, in general terms, is the “fear factor” .  Thus is the major barrier that stops a person from reaching their goals.  Fear of failure, ridicule or injury will stop you in your tracks.  Fear is caused by the lack of control of the outcome of a given situation.  It is not normally the fear of trying to change your situation, but more the fear of being yourself or failing.   Taking the risk regarding “something you want to do” or “something you want to say” is difficult.   When you can conquer a fear, the reward is amazing.  

Many people have some level of fear that stops them from doing something.  A fear of flying is common to a lot of people.  If a person’s goal is to travel, they must overcome this fear.  It is important to understand why you fear something.  In this case, you may worry or fear that the plane is going to crash.  However, if you learn more about planes and the training the pilots complete, you can reduce your fear.  Once you understand your fear you can take a short flight to get used to being on a plane. Another option is to take a flying lesson to gain a better understanding.   Information and then challenging or facing your fear is the best approach.

It is easier to justify or talk yourself out of taking an action.  You can come up with a variety of reasons or excuses why you cannot do something; but how do you know unless you try?

There is a fear of what your family and friends will think when they see what you are trying to do. Remember this process is about you and not other people.  You can be amazed by the reaction of friends and family when they see you taking action.  Do not allow yourself to feel guilt for doing something for yourself.  If you feel guilty, you have to deal with it through communication.   I truly believe that everyone should do something for themselves at least once a day.  

Fear can be generated by thinking about failing or having an injury.  Try to take a “calculated risk”.  You cannot expect yourself to leave your house, sign up and complete bungee jumping without some preparation.  If bungee jumping is a goal you must understand what is required and what risks may be involved.  Once you have evaluated the requirements and understand the activity, you can proceed. There are safety measures in place for this activity and training is available.  You may also want to
condition your body by starting an exercise program before you make that first jump.

Fear of failure is common.  If I want to climb a mountain, it will be prudent to get instruction and prepare my body for this type of activity.  Most people cannot just jump into any activity.  You can achieve any goal you have set; however, it may take you longer to reach the goal than you expected.  You have to be patient with yourself and if necessary take baby steps toward a goal.   In this case, it may take a year to build up the strength to climb a mountain.  Rest assured that your strength will increase.  You will be
ready to climb that mountain whether it takes 6 months or 2 years.  Challenge and eliminate the fear that is holding you back.  


It is in the news, on television and in every magazine I pick up.   The ideal male has abs and is not afraid to show  them to anyone who wants to take a look.   I am over 50 and my body has not changed much since I was 30.   I exercise on a regular basis, try to eat properly, and enjoy a variety of sports.  While my stomach is relatively flat, there are no abs in site.  I am taking the stand that I don’t have abs and never will.  The thing is, abs will not make me a better person, help me perform better at work or in sports, and do not make me any less of a man.  In order to get abs, a man has to restrict food intake while performing exercises that isolate those muscles on a daily basis.  Then, if you actually get Abs, you can never stop what you did to make them appear or they will quickly be covered by a layer of donut, pie and cake, commonly known as fat. 

I honestly don’t see the point.  

My activities include; hiking, running, tennis, racquetball, rock climbing and cycling.  None of these sports will give you abs.  They will give you pleasure and overall body fitness and strength.  I completely agree that strong stomach muscles will help reduce the risk of back problems.  Getting a six pack will not improve your odds.  If I could get something really important, my boney butt would increase to a size where I could comfortably sit on a wood surface for more than five minutes.  That to me would be important.  Abs do not serve a function and appear to be strictly for show.

It used to be that if you had a measure of success, could carry on an intelligent conversation, nice eyes and a great butt, women found you attractive.   When did it become so important and the focus change to needing your stomach be flat and have ripples in addition to everything else. 

For centuries males have placed a high importance on women’s physical appearance.  We evoked a tremendous pressure on women to not only run a household, raise out children but maintain a wonderful and perfect appearance.  This expectation was passed from generation to generation.  As women achieved equality, it appears that they have started to evoke the same expectation on males

I would like to think that a man who works hard, has some intelligence and a sense of humor is taken seriously.  We all need to have a reasonable level of fitness to maintain our health.  There is nothing wrong with trying to gain more strength and tone your muscle.  This helps you perform better on a daily basis.  What I see is men with all the previous mentioned attributes are no longer satisfied.  They are spending three hours a day, 6 days a week to reach and maintain a level of fitness that may not be necessary.  They have bought into the idea that along with everything else, they need to have abs. 

My message is that I encourage men to realize that we do not have to look like Calvin Kline models.  We don’t have to give up treats, beer and red meat but rather include activity as part of our regular routine .  I do support being strong and active as it helps you perform on many levels.   I believe that we should never stop setting and achieving goals.  However, make them based on your own wants and needs.   Make sure they improve your life and make you happier


If you are like me, I am so tired of the snow. So, I thought it was a good time to remind people to make plans to have some spring, summer and fall fun. You deserve it. Anyone, still not wanting to travel can discover Ontario.

Here are some suggestions:


Experience a first-hand lesson in the raw power and peril of the Niagara River’s Class 6 white-water rapids. The roar of the river provides a deceptive calmness, the perfect ambiance for your walk among the many viewing platforms that put you right at the river’s edge. For those looking for an up-close and personal view of nature’s power, you will not want to miss this. This self-guided tour includes many stories about the geology of the Niagara Gorge and the plant and animal life you may see on your visit to Niagara Parks. The Niagara White Water Walk is a wheelchair accessible 305 metre boardwalk situated on the edge of Niagara’s white water rapids. The Niagara Gorge is an 11km (6.8 miles) gorge created by the Niagara River. Around 18,000 years ago, Southern Ontario was covered by ice 2-3 km thick (1.2 – 1.9 miles).

#2 – Kakabeka Falls – THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO

The falls are an easy drive from Thunder Bay and worth a visit, the car park is close bay and their is a good board walk giving you good views of the falls.

There are viewing platforms on both sides of the falls giving great photo opportunities of the falls and the gorge, and if you pick a sunny day the rainbow effect from the spray is amazing if you can catch it.

#3 – Cheltenham Badlands – CALEDON, ONTARIO

The Cheltenham Badlands are located in Caledon, Ontario on the south east side of Olde Base Line Road, between Creditview and Chinguacousy Roads. The site occupies an area of approximately 0.4 square kilometers and features exposed and highly eroded Queenston Shale.[1] The Cheltenham Badlands are a significant educational site due to the readily visible geologic processes and the red color and the unique topography of the exposed shale makes this a popular tourist site.

#4 – Ouimet Canyon Provincial Park – THUNDER BAY

National Parks, Canyons; Spectacular and dizzying are the words to describe the steep-sided canyons of this rugged and scenic region. Address: Ouimet Canyon Road, Dorion, Ontario P0T 2M0.

Absolutely stunning view. Easy quick trail from the parking area. Please read the Ojibwe story of Nanabozho before you go. He ties into a lot of the history in the Thunder Bay area (sleeping giant, kakabeka falls).

#5 – Bonnechere Caves – Eganville ONTARIO

The Bonnechere Caves is a big name in cave exploration in Ontario. This family-owned and operated site is a sure wonder that draws people in with its stunning fossils and unique cave system. Hidden away in the Bruce Peninsula, this natural cave system is a place of peace and tranquillity with a rugged atmosphere. The Bonnechere Caves in Eganville ON. have been welcoming people from all over the world for over 55 years. We provide a safe, educational, informative and fun tour for people of all ages. Everyone from babies in backpacks to senior citizens have enjoyed the handiwork of Mother Nature here along the beautiful Bonnechere River..

Bonnechere : Facilities and Activities summary. Before you visit: check what facilities/activities are available and pack what you need (e.g. water, snacks, mask/face covering, and hand sanitizer).


I posted thoughts on mentoring in June with the hope of encouraging people to help someone.   As we quickly approach the holiday season, I believe it is even more important.    It has been a hard year for everyone.   We are all facing challenges in our lives.   I suggest that each of us find someone who is family or a friend/acquaintance that might need a boost to know they are not alone.  

Mentoring is the support and encouragement of people to manage their knowledge and development in order that they may maximize their potential, develop their skills, improve their performance and become the person they want to be.

Many people are feeling depressed because they have been at home and/or have not accomplished their goals this year.   There have been many cases identified this year that confirm that there is a COVID depression that can be paired up with a situational depression.   Mentoring someone can help reduce this depression.   We have all been isolated from others with many of us are working from home.   Some have lost their jobs and are trying to determine what they should do at this point.   Helping them to uncover an opportunity such as learning a new skill or trying a new hobby can improve their overall situation.  

Part of being a good mentor is to listen to the person you are trying to help. Allowing a person to speak will help them formulate their thoughts.  Communication is based on speaking and listening.  The aspect of listening is a key to your success when you are mentoring someone.  Think about having a 10 minute rule.  When someone is talking to you, give them the courtesy of listening for 5 to 10 minutes.  At that point, think and respond to them.  This shows that you respect their opinion or thought.  You can then truly hear what they have to say and respond with your thoughts or questions to clarify what they have stated. 

It is hoped that this post challenges people.  It is my hope that you take the time to reach out and mentor someone.   Remember, knowing that someone cares is very important.   It can make the difference.