The limitless lifestyle is designed to examine your life, make changes and work toward establishing your personal happiness.  This is done by setting goals and working toward the achievement of each of those goals.  Whether these are small or big goals does not matter.  

Consider a person who complains about their relationship with their wife, husband or partner.   They are constantly telling others that they fight all the time, do not go anywhere together and they just do not feel the same way as when they met.  Complaining to others does not solve or change the situation.  There has to be some type of action between two people in a relationship.  Unless you do something different, nothing will change.   This is also the point where your core beliefs come into play.  In this example, consider that the person complaining about their relationship has been raised with the belief that women are weak and cannot be expected to participate in a man’s world. 

There is no thought process in this statement.  It is likely a core value that has been passed on by family or experience.  This creates an excuse for their complaint and will justify why nothing can change.   Without challenging this established value, there is no hope for change. 

When we were children, adults often asked us what we wanted to be or do when we grew up.  We may have responded with; fireman, doctor, dancer or race care driver.  Looking at your life now, you work five to six days a week, clean your house, take care of kids or pets, go shopping and watch television.  In the back of your mind or late at night, you dream of the passion you had as a child. 

Remember that life is about being free to dream and feel the way you desire.  The challenge is for each person to begin the relentless pursuit of their dreams and passions.  The process requires that everyone take a careful look at their core values.  While there may be nothing wrong with your current core values and beliefs, the process requires that you challenge them.  The intent is to ensure they are not just accepted without question

As an adult, you have the ability and right to change or modify any belief you were given as a child. Some you may keep while others you will modify or discard.   To demonstrate the impact of challenging a belief or value, use the example that women are weak and cannot participate in a man’s world.  If after challenging this belief a person still confirms that this is the truth, then nothing will change in their life or relationship(s).   However, if consideration is given to the reality of women can participate and excel in many areas of day to day life, and then the core belief will be modified.  The result is a new opportunity for friendships and relationships.  The person’s life will change with the realization that their core belief was not accurate. 


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