The onset of COVID 19 has affected every aspect of our lives.   We are currently living in a world that has changed in so many ways.   What we took for granted now becomes a challenge.   It has forced everyone to RETHINK most of our actions and activities.  I have observed so many different reactions.  Where it has been horrible for some it has been an opportunity for others. 

The basis of the LIMITLESSLIFESTYLE is to examine what is happening in your life and determine YOUR COURSE OF ACTION.   Even when you believe you have no control, you may be able to take actions to improve a situation.

It is certain that the sickness and death caused by COVID is horrible.   There has been so much sadness associated with the number of people affected.  The number of businesses that have crumbled and the people that depended on income during this time have suffered so much.    Yet though it all, we have seen BEAMS OF LIGHT AND HOPE.

I am so proud of how the Canadian and USA medical community has done so much to help people.  These individuals have dedicated their time to help others.   They have gone without sleep and contact with their families so they can do their part to try and improve the situation.  I also find that the police, military and fire departments have stepped up to help people in need.   While we don’t always agree with the actions taken by some of the police and military, I saw examples where they put their lives at risk by helping others.  None of these people have an easy job.

One of the most outstanding things I observed were individuals creating something good during this challenging time.   This ranged from the people who made us laugh on You Tube or thought personal emails sent to friends and family, to those who educated themselves or other family members, or created some type of invention.  These individuals showed us how they made this time matter.

COVID quarantine’s created a rare opportunity for the “family unit” to connect.   We have been forced to stay within immediate family or friends.  Being limitless is about making the most of a good or bad situation.   Anyone who has become closer to their family, learned a new skill or helped others, should be very proud.     All these restrictions don’t mean that you cannot still develop or work toward your goals.    We just have to be creative.

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