Limitless Personality Traits:









“”The secret of happiness is not in doing what one likes, but in liking what one does.”

Lance Pritchard –


Self Examination is a difficult process to complete.  In essence, we must challenge everything about our lives.  It is a process that requires total honesty with yourself and others.  Self examination is the starting point.  This part of the process begins with a list detailing four items, which include; what you need, what you want, your current goals, and what steps have you taken to reach your current goals.  When listing what you need, think in terms of what you really need versus what you want.  There is an important difference between the two.  Some people want; a big house, two cars, trips around the world, clothes from designer shops and bigger televisions.  The question is, do you really need these things?  

If you truly need these things, at some point you have to ask yourself why. 

I know a person who’s passion is art and rock climbing.  He has the opportunity to work a full time job and have extra money to buy whatever he needs.  His point of view on life is that he works enough hours to pay for rock climbing, buy art supplies and take climbing trips.  His approach to life is to work 3 days a week.  This gives him; a modest but comfortable apartment, money for climbing, art supplies and enough money for food and rent.  He does not need a big house or fancy car.  He works enough to get what he needs.  His needs are what make him happy. 

Consider that most people need food, shelter and security.   In basic terms, we need enough food to keep us from starving and some type of shelter that keeps us warm and dry.  Security is a difficult basic need to identify.  What makes one person feel secure may not be what another requires.  Every individual has to establish what level of food and shelter they require.  Most people would like an adequate amount of food and the opportunity to enjoy some of the extra’s that life can provide.  Remember that excess amounts of anything may be something you want but don’t need. 

Personal security is the protection of yourself and/or your family/friends.  It relates to protection from violence or dangers that can affect personal well being.  Security comes from building supports that shield you from danger.  This can be simply by cultivating good relationships with family and friends.  Security is also linked to beliefs.  Strong beliefs help many people feel secure.   In so many cases, our security is based on a set of rules and beliefs.  Religion gives us the security that if things get bad there is something or someone that is going to help us out.  Being involved in religious groups help us to feel part of something bigger.  We are connected with people who think or believe in similar concepts.  This increases and provides ongoing security. 

Again, this process is not recommending you discard your belief.  It is simply advising you to challenge and understand why you believe in certain things.  The limitless life style is promoting that you examine your life.  Take what is good and expand on it.  Set some goals that are going to improve your life.