I posted thoughts on mentoring in June with the hope of encouraging people to help someone.   As we quickly approach the holiday season, I believe it is even more important.    It has been a hard year for everyone.   We are all facing challenges in our lives.   I suggest that each of us find someone who is family or a friend/acquaintance that might need a boost to know they are not alone.  

Mentoring is the support and encouragement of people to manage their knowledge and development in order that they may maximize their potential, develop their skills, improve their performance and become the person they want to be.

Many people are feeling depressed because they have been at home and/or have not accomplished their goals this year.   There have been many cases identified this year that confirm that there is a COVID depression that can be paired up with a situational depression.   Mentoring someone can help reduce this depression.   We have all been isolated from others with many of us are working from home.   Some have lost their jobs and are trying to determine what they should do at this point.   Helping them to uncover an opportunity such as learning a new skill or trying a new hobby can improve their overall situation.  

Part of being a good mentor is to listen to the person you are trying to help. Allowing a person to speak will help them formulate their thoughts.  Communication is based on speaking and listening.  The aspect of listening is a key to your success when you are mentoring someone.  Think about having a 10 minute rule.  When someone is talking to you, give them the courtesy of listening for 5 to 10 minutes.  At that point, think and respond to them.  This shows that you respect their opinion or thought.  You can then truly hear what they have to say and respond with your thoughts or questions to clarify what they have stated. 

It is hoped that this post challenges people.  It is my hope that you take the time to reach out and mentor someone.   Remember, knowing that someone cares is very important.   It can make the difference.