What stops you from reaching your goals, in general terms, is the “fear factor” .  Thus is the major barrier that stops a person from reaching their goals.  Fear of failure, ridicule or injury will stop you in your tracks.  Fear is caused by the lack of control of the outcome of a given situation.  It is not normally the fear of trying to change your situation, but more the fear of being yourself or failing.   Taking the risk regarding “something you want to do” or “something you want to say” is difficult.   When you can conquer a fear, the reward is amazing.  

Many people have some level of fear that stops them from doing something.  A fear of flying is common to a lot of people.  If a person’s goal is to travel, they must overcome this fear.  It is important to understand why you fear something.  In this case, you may worry or fear that the plane is going to crash.  However, if you learn more about planes and the training the pilots complete, you can reduce your fear.  Once you understand your fear you can take a short flight to get used to being on a plane. Another option is to take a flying lesson to gain a better understanding.   Information and then challenging or facing your fear is the best approach.

It is easier to justify or talk yourself out of taking an action.  You can come up with a variety of reasons or excuses why you cannot do something; but how do you know unless you try?

There is a fear of what your family and friends will think when they see what you are trying to do. Remember this process is about you and not other people.  You can be amazed by the reaction of friends and family when they see you taking action.  Do not allow yourself to feel guilt for doing something for yourself.  If you feel guilty, you have to deal with it through communication.   I truly believe that everyone should do something for themselves at least once a day.  

Fear can be generated by thinking about failing or having an injury.  Try to take a “calculated risk”.  You cannot expect yourself to leave your house, sign up and complete bungee jumping without some preparation.  If bungee jumping is a goal you must understand what is required and what risks may be involved.  Once you have evaluated the requirements and understand the activity, you can proceed. There are safety measures in place for this activity and training is available.  You may also want to
condition your body by starting an exercise program before you make that first jump.

Fear of failure is common.  If I want to climb a mountain, it will be prudent to get instruction and prepare my body for this type of activity.  Most people cannot just jump into any activity.  You can achieve any goal you have set; however, it may take you longer to reach the goal than you expected.  You have to be patient with yourself and if necessary take baby steps toward a goal.   In this case, it may take a year to build up the strength to climb a mountain.  Rest assured that your strength will increase.  You will be
ready to climb that mountain whether it takes 6 months or 2 years.  Challenge and eliminate the fear that is holding you back.  


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